Bulgarian Rose (Rosa damascena)

The fragrance of Bulgarian rose has inspired poets and lovers throughout the ages. No other flower has had as many admirers or has been written about as much as the rose. The most precious of all oils, it takes 5,000 pounds of Bulgarian rose petals to produce one pound of Bulgarian rose oil. The rose petals must be picked before sunrise because their oil content is diminished later in the day.

According to fossils found, roses have existed for 32 million years. And more than 3,000 years ago, the rose was christened the “queen of flowers.” In ancient times, roses meant confidence. Other meanings that have been attributed to the rose include beauty, love, joy and happiness.

In skin care, rose is one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients available and has been since the time of Cleopatra. As an exceptional cell rejuvenator, it is soothing and healing for all skin types, especially mature, sensitive, dry or damaged skin. It helps to restore moisture balance and smooth wrinkles, as well as reduce inflammation. Because of its constricting action on the capillaries, Bulgarian rose is a valuable treatment for broken thread veins.

Benefits of Bulgarian rose:

  • Bulgarian rose is extremely hydrating, encouraging smooth, supple skin
  • It is effective in boosting the immune system of skin cells
  • Regeneration and stimulation of collagen synthesis is a primary property of Bulgarian rose
  • It balances the skin’s production of sebum
  • It reduces inflammation
  • Bulgarian rose is excellent for all skin types

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