What’s in Your Vitamin C Serum?

When formulated into a serum, it is critical that Vitamin C is in a stable form.  Otherwise, it will lose its potency over time and become less effective.  BRIGHTEN Vitamin C Serum contains two stable forms of Vitamin C:

  • Ascorbic acid polypeptide

  • Ascorbyl palmitate



Ascorbic acid in the polypeptide form …

is a superior form for Vitamin C delivery. Other forms can be less stable, oxidize quickly and do not penetrate as effectively. A polypeptide is a type of chain produced by amino acid proteins. And in this case, the protein is derived from citrus fruit and provides a very effective delivery of ascorbic acid.

In Jakare’s BRIGHTEN formula, the ascorbic acid is encapsulated in a liposome and spun into a polypeptide. Liposomes are spherical vehicles composed of a phospholipid and vitamins. This liposome actually protects the ascorbic acid so that it doesn’t lose its potency or go rancid. When BRIGHTEN is applied to the skin, the liposomes break open at that time to release the ascorbic acid for absorption into your skin cells. This guarantees the potency and freshness of the ascorbic acid and thus the stability and effectiveness of BRIGHTEN. Serums that do not use this process can become unstable and ineffective over time.



Ascorbyl palmitate is fat soluble for maximum absorption …

Ascorbyl palmitate is a fat soluble form of Vitamin C that is extremely stable and exhibits powerful antioxidant properties. With the advantage of being fat soluble, it can penetrate the skin and deliver antioxidants very quickly. This in turn helps prevent cellular aging by supporting cellular repair and inhibiting oxidation. When increased levels of ascorbyl palmitate are in the dermis, levels of both collagen and elastin increase. This encourages a more youthful appearance by improving skin elasticity, thus helping to reverse the thinning of skin that occurs both by the natural aging process and as a result of sun damage.

Are you serious about your vitamin C?

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