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Creme Cleanser: Summer Blend

Lemon and litsea cubeba … Bursting with the refreshing and aromatic scent of the season … clean, fresh, citrusy, enticing … Perfect for summer. We change the aromatherapy scent of our Creme Cleanser every season. Each scent is specifically formulated to celebrate the new season.  We rotate between four blends: Spring:  Wild mint, rosemary and lavender […]

Botanical Enzyme Masque

The Beauty of Fruit Enzymes Why fruit enzymes? Fruit enzymes provide “retinol” like action to gently exfoliate while hydrating your skin. They are comprised of amino acids that act as a catalyst, speeding up or allowing reactions to happen in conditions that they usually wouldn’t. These enzymes break down the keratin protein in the upper […]

A Winter “Must Have”

Winter is Hydration Season. “My experience with the Hydration Collection has been phenomenal!” “The first night I used this collection, my skin just sucked it up.  The results were that fast and have just continued to improve daily.  My skin has never looked so healthy and moisturized, and it feels (and looks) wonderful!  I wish […]

Is your skin thirsty?

Maybe your skin is not hydrated like it should be.  And maybe it’s time to take a closer look at why.     When we are in our 30’s, our skin is brand-new every 30 days.  By 50, our cells turn over every 60 days.  By 70, it is every 90 days.  As we age, […]

Reset Your Skin’s Aging Clock

  Plant Stem Cells: Reduce aging by up to 50%   Plant stem cells are one of the most potent ingredients in the skin care world today.  They are absolutely vital for skin cell regeneration and for maintaining a youthful appearance.   Include Plant Stem Cell products into your skin care protocol at least once […]

Mask issues? Protect your skin!

Complications from wearing a mask?  Is your skin breaking out? Your skin needs extra protection:  Active Remedy + French Lavender HydraMist Recently, many of you have asked us what we recommend to help protect your skin when wearing a mask.  We realize that wearing a mask can cause breakouts, rashes and other skin problems on […]

Transition into Fall

  Spa quality microdermabrasion at home … Powerful “transition” products for fall that will prep your skin for winter! Featuring … MicroDerma Polisher — NEW!   MicroDerma Polisher:  Polishes your skin like nothing you have ever used.  Deeply exfoliating action gives you the smoothest silkiest skin you’ll ever have … noticeable results after your first […]

What’s in Your Vitamin C Serum?

When formulated into a serum, it is critical that Vitamin C is in a stable form.  Otherwise, it will lose its potency over time and become less effective.  BRIGHTEN Vitamin C Serum contains two stable forms of Vitamin C: Ascorbic acid polypeptide Ascorbyl palmitate     Ascorbic acid in the polypeptide form … is a […]

Why Do You Need Vitamin C Booster?

Take anti-aging to the next level.      What is a booster?   A Booster is a way to target a specific skin care need.  It is a potent supplement to your skin care routine that amplifies results.  It “powers up” your existing products, intensifying their effects and adding new benefits.  Boosters are easy to use […]

Exfoliation: A prerequisite for ageless skin.

ReSurface Serum, ReNEW Booster, Botanical Enzyme Masque   Take anti-aging to the next level with glycolic acid, retinol, vitamin E and plant-based enzymes.   Retinol (vitamin A) is proven to fade age spots, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, tone and color. It encourages maximum absorption of powerful anti-aging ingredients. Glycolic acid is […]

#1 Most Used Jakare Product for Winter

Hyaluronic Acid BOOSTER:  The Little Black Dress of the Skin Care World Absolutely the most important product to have in your winter skin care survival kit!  Add 1-3 drops to every moisturizer you use … morning and night … seriously.  We aren’t kidding.   NOTE: Add Hyaluronic Acid Booster to Plant Stem Cell Moisturizer, to […]

AgeLESS and CoQ10

What is CoQ10 and why do I care? CoQ10 (also known as ubiquinone or coenzyme Q10) is an enzyme that we produce naturally in our bodies, consume in our diets, and can apply to our skin externally through products.  It is similar to a vitamin (sometimes called vitamin Q) and is found internally in every […]