Is your skin thirsty?

Maybe your skin is not hydrated like it should be.  And maybe it’s time to take a closer look at why.



When we are in our 30’s, our skin is brand-new every 30 days.  By 50, our cells turn over every 60 days.  By 70, it is every 90 days.  As we age, skin loses its hydrated, juicy look.  Using proper skin care will restore cell turnover to every 30 days.


Restoring faster cell turnover =

more hydration absorbed into your skin =

beautiful flawless skin




Why should I polish my skin?  How about to … prevent clogged pores and blackheads, slough off dead skin cells, alleviate excess oiliness, give your skin a silky smooth texture.  And allow your skin to breathe …

MicroDerma Polisher.  The smoothest, silkiest skin you’ll ever have …  Once you have tried this luxurious product, you will never want to be without it.  Not only does this micro derma polisher remove blackheads and tighten pores, it polishes your skin like nothing you have ever used.  Noticeable results after your first use.



Proper exfoliation allows for deeper penetration of nutrients into the skin because it breaks down dry and dead skin cells, which sit on the epidermis and can block that absorption.  When you use richly hydrating and moisturizing skin care products, they will penetrate more deeply and thus be much more effective.  Exfoliation also stimulates lymphatic drainage to detoxify your skin, working to remove toxins and other unhealthy debris.  The result: naturally healthy glowing skin.

Botanical Enzyme Masque.  Retinol-like action and deep exfoliation smooths your skin and promotes elasticity.  Dissolve dead skin cells in the dermis layer of your skin, penetrating deeply to maximize cell renewal, promote skin elasticity and minimize wrinkles.



Super hydrated skin — the end goal.  Ultra dewy, resilient complexion with plumper skin and fewer wrinkles.  Well-hydrated skin has improved elasticity and the ability to stretch and snap back to original shape.  And did you know that healthy hydrated skin cells have the ability to flush out toxins that can cause dull flat-looking skin?

Hydration Masque.  Luxuriously rich and quenching to dry thirsty skin.  Once you try this masque, you will be hooked!  Premium age defense treatment for mature, sensitive and dry skin.  Plump up your skin and minimize those wrinkles.  Extremely soothing and calming.

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