Transition into Fall


Spa quality microdermabrasion at home …

Powerful “transition” products for fall that will prep your skin for winter!

Featuring … MicroDerma Polisher — NEW!


MicroDerma Polisher:  Polishes your skin like nothing you have ever used.  Deeply exfoliating action gives you the smoothest silkiest skin you’ll ever have … noticeable results after your first use.  AND … after polishing with the MicroDerma Polisher, your skin will drink up all of the good stuff you put on it!


Exfoliating Collections I or Exfoliating Collection II:

Gel Cleanser.  Triple action exfoliating from fruit enzymes, acids and extracts.

MicroDerma Polisher.  Super skin polishing from plant fibers gives you the smoothest silkiest skin you’ll ever have.

ReSurface (Glycolic Acid/Retinol Serum) OR ReNEW (Enzyme Serum).  Our Retinol Serum is safe for all skin types and is buffered with plant extracts.  It does not typically cause redness or peeling; however, for sensitive skin, you may do a patch test before using.  Our Enzyme Serum exfoliates with the use of fruit and plant extracts and is a gentler exfoliation, a perfect alternative to retinol and for those with sensitive skin.


When using these products, be sure to wear sunscreen to protect your fresh new skin.

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