Why Do You Need Vitamin C Booster?

Take anti-aging to the next level.   


What is a booster?


A Booster is a way to target a specific skin care need.  It is a potent supplement to your skin care routine that amplifies results.  It “powers up” your existing products, intensifying their effects and adding new benefits.  Boosters are easy to use — a few drops added to your favorite serum or moisturizer will have a dramatic effect!


Different Boosters have different functions.  The Vitamin C Booster will intensify your vitamin C program.  While Brighten Vitamin C Serum is a highly effective stand-alone product, the Booster adds a third type of vitamin C to your program – sodium ascorbyl phosphate.  A water soluble form of Vitamin C, it is the newest and brightest derivative of vitamin C.  It converts to ascorbic acid but is not activated until it is absorbed by the skin – thus making it very stable and extremely potent.  Powerful antioxidant, skin brightener, collagen stimulator – a premier, five-star age reversal ingredient!

When you combine BRIGHTEN Vitamin C Serum (with two forms of vitamin C) and Vitamin C BOOSTER (with an additional form of vitamin C), you are incorporating three of the most stable, most powerful and most effective forms of vitamin C available in the skin care world today.




When you combine BRIGHTEN and Vitamin C Booster, you will:

Increase the level of your antioxidant protection by 6X …

Increase the ability to fade sun spots and discolorations by 2X …

Increase the ability to refine skin texture and reduce wrinkles by 3X.



Please note:  When using both, because of the high level of vitamin C, you must be especially diligent with sunscreen.



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