Universal Mixer Set

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The Magic of Universal Mixers (a.k.a. Supple Hydrated Skin, even in the driest conditions!). 

Give your skin what it needs most — hydration and moisturization.  By adding either or both to your moisturizer, you are able to customize what you are putting on your skin. The results are nothing short of magical!

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The Concept of Universal Mixers:  Hyaluronic Acid Booster and Liquid Gold Oil Booster

You already know about these … in fact, you may likely be using them. But did you know how versatile they are?


The concept of Universal Mixers actually came from you … our existing client base. You have been experimenting with Hyaluronic Acid Booster and Liquid Gold Oil Booster and have been giving us feedback on how incredible these two products are.  By adding either or both to any moisturizer, our customers love being able to customize what they are putting on their skin. The results have been nothing short of magical.

If you haven’t tried this, we want you to experience the magic for yourself. Completely customizable because you add as many drops as you want, according to your needs.

These two products are game changers!


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