The Firming Collection

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Firming Facial Moisturizer (jar), DMAE Facial Moisturizer (bottle)

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Hate sagging skin? These products are for you! Concentrated active ingredients in our firming products transform loose crepey skin into healthy, resilient and toned skin. When used daily, you will begin to notice firming action within 30 days, with visible results after 60 days and full benefit after 90 days. To maintain results thereafter, continue using 4 – 5 times per week. A “botox” like effect – the perfect alternative to surgery!

To Use:  After cleansing, apply small amount of FACELIFT Serum to face and neck.  Allow to absorb.   Follow with mist and moisturizer (Firming or DMAE).  For a luxurious boost, mix moisturizer with a few drops of Liquid Gold Oil Booster in palm of hand and apply.  This collection follows the Jakare Protocol.

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  1. Julie Galloway

    I have been using the firming serum and hydrating mist for a few years now. I can’t wait to try the moisturizer also. I feel like my face is healthier as soon as I apply it and my face feels less puffy and smoother in the morning. This is my favorite night time treatment I have ever used.

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