The Vitamin C Collection

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A customer favorite for age defense! Skin brightening, super antioxidants, reduction of age spots and hyperpigmentation – premium age reversing products that you will want in your daily skin care routine. Optional: For maximum effect, we recommend using one collection in the morning and a different collection at night. 

To Use:  After cleansing, apply small amount of BRIGHTEN to face and neck, followed by Vitamin C Booster.  Or, combine both in palm of hand and apply.  Allow to absorb.  Follow with Orange Blossom HydraMist and B3 Facial Moisturizer.  For a luxurious boost, mix moisturizer with a few drops of Liquid Gold Oil Booster in palm of hand and apply.  This collection follows the Jakare Protocol.

1 review for The Vitamin C Collection

  1. Ellen

    I love all the Jakaré products, it is difficult to choose a favorite. The science and research that has been explored in the creation of Jakaré products is unsurpassed. Love the feel of my skin after applying them. I appreciate that the creators of Jakaré are always looking for ways to improve their creations.
    I’ve been using the products for over 15 years, they are the best.

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