WEEK 4 (August 2020): Orange Blossom HydraMist: Super Boosted with Blood Orange Hydrosol

Available from August  24th – 30th


Super boosting is the art of adding plant extracts or essential oils to an existing product to increase anti-aging benefits and intensify results.  Each week during the month of August, we are super boosting a different HydraMist with an aromatic and revitalizing hydrosol.  Each delicately scented, energetically vibrant hydrosol is chosen to work synergistically with the mist for greater age defense effects – correctly pairing the mist with the perfect hydrosol to magnify results is truly the art of super boosting.

Our hydrosols, also known as distillates or floral waters, are steam distilled from freshly picked, optimally harvested organic plants.  This unique process captures the cellular water from the living plant, containing vital minerals, phytosterols, antioxidants, and other therapeutic properties of the living plant.  These components are typically lost under the conventional high pressurized processing.


We have chosen blood orange hydrosol to super boost our Orange Blossom HydraMist.

Fresh … citrusy … uplifting … juicy.  An intoxicating and delightfully scented mist while you celebrate the last lazy hazy days of summer.  And who doesn’t want to wind down summer with healthy vibrant skin?  Orange Blossom HydraMist is rejuvenating on its own, but when super boosted with blood orange, it is extraordinarily Age Defying.

Did you know that … blood orange improves skin elasticity and firmness … promotes the production of collagen … lightens age spots … stimulates circulation to revitalize skin.  An advocate for your skin’s health!

  • Helps prevent premature aging. Antioxidants fight free radicals and protect your skin, which in turn slows the production of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • High content of citric acid supports skin exfoliation to renew skin cells and support a refined complexion with a healthy glow.
  • Superior healing properties. Neroli oil (orange blossom) aids greatly in the absorption of vitamin C.  When using neroli with products that contain vitamin C, they become much more effective in healing, scar and age spot fading properties.
  • Radiant skin. Promotes clarity, radiance and smoothness.  Antioxidants keep skin healthy and encourage a bright luminous complexion.
  • Increases skin elasticity and firmness. Super hydration always helps the cause against sagging skin.  Give your skin ample hydration and notice the difference!
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