Super Boosting

Super boosting indicates that we have added additional extracts or essential oils to a product to give your skin a “jump start” for a brighter, renewed appearance.  We believe that your skin responds most effectively when you experience an occasional change in your routine.


So strongly do we believe in this practice, we are committed to super charging certain products at least six times per year.

Your skin is begging for this … change it up a little and add some zest to your skin.  Watch for our next super boosting event!  Sign up for our newsletter for updates on super boosting and other events.


These are some of the ingredients that we have super boosted our products with in the past:

  • Red mandarin … extra brightening and improved skin tone

  • Blood orange … skin tightening benefits

  • Raspberry seed oil … super antioxidant

  • Sea buckthorn and rosehip … minimize wrinkles and boost micro-circulation

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