Your new fall ritual … MicroDerma Polisher.


See what people are saying about the MicroDerma Polisher.

“This MicroDerma Polisher is like no other. I LOVE it more than I ever thought I could. It stays nice and moist the whole time I am massaging it onto my skin. The results are smooth soft skin. You have to try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!”

“The MicroDerma Polisher is fabulous! Love the way it feels gritty in a delicate way, it’s really wonderful. And the aroma is as usual for Jakare, scrumptious!”

“This MicroDerma Polisher is worth its weight in gold!!! My skin glows and feels so soft and smooth. Cannot recommend it enough. Thank you Jakare for this at home treatment.”

“Incredible product! The MicroDerma Polisher is so luxurious and leaves my skin glowing for days. The first time I tried it the word that came to mind was “heavenly”. It feels that wonderful.  It is a must have in my skin care routine. Love, love, love it!”

“I love your MicroDerma Polish! It makes my face feel so clean and smooth. Then I like to use the Hydrating Masque. I feel that my skin really absorbs more if I use the polish first.  I love it so much I have told my family and friends they all need to try it!  My face looks much more healthy and fresh! Thanks!”


Why should I exfoliate?  It unclogs pores … reduces acne and hormonal breakouts … encourages deeper absorption of your serums and moisturizers … smooths out your skin tone and texture … boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage … increases cell turnover … stimulates collagen production … and … it leaves your complexion absolutely radiant!


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